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    Magnificent Mess

    Small steps, over time, have the opportunity to transform the trajectory of your life exponentially. There will be setbacks. Know that healing is not a linear process, but a rollercoaster ride, full of ups, downs, and unexpected turns. Learn to feel, breathe, and engage within your body and relationships in a more freeing way.

    Change is a life long process. Too many times we want microwave healing. To wake up tomorrow and IT is different, we are different. But realistically, practicing perfection can be less rewarding than the slow and steady progression. Slow and steady, conscious, and contemplative. Even those “I don’t know what to do” moments are where the change happens!

    In the midst of the tears, walking through the joys, and losing sleep from the pains, there is HOPE. You have made it this far. Recognize that you didn’t walk that path alone. He was there, that inner knowing, that voice of whispered confidence from deep within. Your spirit, emotions, and being, uplifted through the fog. One day, emerging having taken those steady, daily series of faithful steps through the darkness, into His marvelous light, transformed from the inside-out.