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    Life Transitions

    Are life decisions overwhelming you? Are you at a proverbial crossroad and uncertain of your next steps? Are there sleepless nights where falling or staying asleep is difficult because you have so much on your mind? Life transitions, ending one thing, and beginning anew can cause internal struggles, that are difficult to sort through on your own.

    In counseling, we can explore your options, the emotions, and the family and relationship history that is lending itself to the struggle. There is hope for you. As you learn new ways to cope and become energized about the possibility for change, they will add to your understanding. In my approach, we will not only focus on where you are, but how you got here. With increased clarity, your next steps on your path to acceptance and wholeness will become more certain.

    There is possibility, where there is hope. There is hope because you are here! Take the next step today.